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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

10 Adorable Animals Ready For Easter

Where Does The Easter Bunny Come From?

The exact origins of the Easter Bunny aka Peter Cottontail, are buried in obscurity but the connection to the Easter holiday  appears to lie in the fact that the rabbit is an ancient symbol of fertility and the creation of life. Historians believe that the German immigrants of the 17th century brought the idea of an egg-laying hare named Osterhase to the Pennsylvania colony, and from there it spread across the settlements  of the new republic.

 The Symbols Of Spring

 It's that time of year for cleaning out the closets, donning lighter clothing, paying taxes and planting seeds and bulbs. That proverbial harbinger of Spring, the Easter Bunny, is preparing for his annual hop along the bunny trail and into the hearts of delighted children and adults who dare to let a little magic into their lives. Sometimes, however, this old coney takes other unexpected forms as creatures (or at least  their owners) dare to imitate this adorable portent of springtime.

Our Pets And their Easter Bunny Costumes

Humans and their pets form deep bond sof love and affection but does this emotional commitment extend to wearing holiday costumes? Aye, there is the rub, or should we say costume? Whether it does or it doesn't,  solidarity demands a suspension of disbelief, and while their owners might like to think otherwise, pets really don't understand the meaning of the holidays their owners choose to celebrate. This is probably because convictions run weak in the dog world beyond the immediate need for affection and food and shelter, and of course for cats the need to please is ambivalent at best.

Our adorable furry companions below have gone the way of their beloved two-legged caretakers in developing similar temperaments and attitudes  about Easter and other affiliations far beyond sharing bones and catnip.

Dogs And Their Easter Bunny Ensembles

These adorable pooches do have something to say in their own canine way about taking on the guise of Peter ottontail, albeit without benefit of words. The "eyes" not only have it: so do the facial expressions as indicated below.

 Who wants Easter eggs? I want meat and...kibble!

Some of our costumed canines seem rather sad about the welcome of Spring and its most significant celebration, or maybe for them it's just  about the costume. Consider the temporary fate of these  three fine canines below.

 Talk to me. I have so much to tell you!

 I like Christmas better. More kibble, more toys ears!

I don't like carrots! Get me outta this thing and bring me my bone!
Cats And The Easter Bunny

At least in the case of dogs, pleasing their owners might compensate for the discomfort of wearing an Easter bunny costume, but for cats, it's a whole other matter.Pleasing others is not   cat-like even though some of their antics cannot help but do so. Consider the following felines traped in Easter bunny finery and dying to be released.

There has to be a mouse in here somewhere!

Please, please please, get me outta this thing! 

I only agreed to do this because the dog won't recognize me. 

I am not an Easter bunny; I am a Persian cat. Remember and don't ever do this to me again. 

How humiliating can you get? I wonder what they did to to the bird and the dog!

We love our animals and they love us. While they might prefer to go through life without donning additional garb; au naturel, so to speak, we can't resist dressing them up and showing them off. it's like those thousands of baby pictures family members feel forced to sift through at every holiday gathering, swearing that each is more adorable than the one that came before.

Small price to pay for the smiles these creatures bring to our hearts every day that we share with them, which by the way, makes every single day a holiday in its own right.

Friday, 4 April 2014

For Some, Costumes Become Part of Boston Training Tradition

Runners with CharityTeams gather for long runs in variety of outfits.

The forecast called for rain on the day she planned her 21-mile Boston Marathon training run. But Katie Horan wasn’t concerned about blisters or wet clothes.

She was worried that her ears would droop.

Horan is one of hundreds of runners creating a new tradition as they train for Boston and other marathons: Making the miles pass more quickly by dressing up in costume.

The theme for Saturday’s long run on the Boston Marathon course: Easter.

“It makes those really long runs a little bit more fun,” said the bunny-eared Horan. “Everybody is more worried about their costume than, ‘We’re going to run 17 miles.’ ”

On Superhero Day, a 17-mile training run on the Boston Marathon course earlier this month, Horan wore a pink Power Ranger getup.

As it turned out, “Hop-21 Day” — a play on the distance, the Easter thing, and the starting point for the training run, and the Boston Marathon, in Hopkinton — was a clear and balmy day (by Boston standards), with temperatures in mid-40s.

Successive waves of bouncing bunny ears and Easter bonnets appeared on the horizon as runners arrived, sipping sports drinks and adjusting Easter baskets filled with lightweight plastic eggs.

“I’m a worrywart. Instead of focusing on, I now have 20 miles ahead of me, or 18 miles, I just think about my costume,” said one runner, Trish Winton, as a friend pinned on her tail.

The costume runs were the idea of Susan Hurley, founder of CharityTeams, a consulting firm that helps charities organize and train their fundraising runners for Boston, New York, and other marathons.

“To make it a little bit more fun on a 21-mile training run, which can be very nerve-wracking for beginners, we wanted to take the focus off some of the other things they might worry about,” said Hurley.

“Sometimes dressing in costume or keeping it lighthearted will eliminate some of that stress of doing those 21 miles.”

Hurley herself arrived for Hop-21 Day dressed as a Playboy bunny, complete with fishnet stockings and bowtie.

“Where are your ears?” she asked runners who dared to arrive bareheaded. “Do you need some ears?”

The need for support like this is tied to the broadening appeal of distance running, Hurley said.

“Running has changed. It’s become so much more mainstream, with so many people now participating, and just the average person getting involved,” she said. “So I come in and work with the runners and put together a program that builds camaraderie and team spirit, and the fundraising becomes very successful because you’re creating a community of people.”

In fact, one participant, Patrick McMahon, said that when he trains alone for fall marathons, without the group and its costume days and other stunts, “It’s a lot more difficult to stay dedicated to this process.”

This year, when the New England Patriots were in the playoffs, the training-run uniform was Pats paraphernalia. Runners wore Hawaiian shirts when the temperature finally climbed above freezing. And there was a lot of green on St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

But it was Superhero Day that got the most attention, unleashing some 200 runners on the marathon course from Natick to Copley Square dressed as Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, and a chain gang of arch villains. (Hurley came as Batwoman, and her boyfriend surprised her by flying in from Baltimore, dressing up as Batman, and running out of the woods in Natick.)

First-time marathoner Peter Riddle was already learning that running is a surprisingly expensive sport, and said he’s now dropped $300 on unanticipated purchases of everything from a wig to a pink tutu.

“All of this costume stuff, you spend a fortune,” Riddle said.

It’s worth it, he said.

“I’m not a shy person at all, but I am when it comes to Halloween and dressing up. I thought, 'I’m not doing that.' But you’re running together as a team, and everybody’s doing crazy, kooky things to get everyone’s attention to fundraise or ignore an injury or ignore some of the emotional stuff that’s going on with this year’s marathon,” said Riddle, who, yes, dressed as the Riddler for Superhero Day. “I had to. D’uh, I’m the Riddler.”

It seems to work. Last year, Hurley’s CharityTeams runners raised a collective $1.6 million. This year, the 318 people in the program have collectively passed $2 million.

Of course, dressing in costume for long runs can be uncomfortable. Having done it last year, Winton knew this year to get her Spider-Woman costume one size too big so she could layer on warm clothes underneath.

But that will make the marathon itself — for which they’ll wear mundane, standard lightweight tech gear — seem that much easier, many of the runners said.

“If I’m running with props in training runs, all I can think is, ‘I’m going to have to carry this the whole way,’” said Horan. “But when Marathon Monday comes, it will be great.”

Riddle, as the Riddler, dragged along a cane.

“The first few miles, it’s not a big deal,” he said. “By the time you get to Heartbreak Hill, it gets really heavy. But it teaches you about of all these obstacles. You keep at it and keep with it and alternate and adjust whatever you have to do to carry that cane all the way to the end.”

By betting fellow runners he could do that, Riddle said he raised another $400.

Besides, he said, “If I can run 21 miles in this costume, I can run 26 miles carrying nothing.”

As more and more runners show up wearing costumes, Bostonians who see them pass have started to become accustomed to them.

“Regular runners kind of give you the head nod, a little wave. People on the streets that aren’t runners look a little quizzical. I can only imagine what’s going through the heads,” said McMahon.

“The reaction is really awesome,” Riddle said. “I’m probably in the middle of the pack in terms of pace, and so you end up running down Beacon Street alone. It’s the people in the cars or on the sidewalks who look at you like, ‘What the hell are you doing in this all-green costume with orange hair.’ You feel like an idiot.”

But he added: “If I can run down Beacon Street looking like an idiot, I can do anything.”


Monday, 31 March 2014

Colourful Easter costumes race around Horsham in charity fun run

Dozens of runners dressed in colourful costumes helped to raise 200 Easter eggs as a donation for a children’s hospital at a fun run in Horsham on Friday (March 21).

A total of 33 adults ran a 5km route or walked for 3km, starting from Chennells Way - with many dressed up as rabbits, a daffodil, a chicken and even a lifesize carrot.

Friday, 28 March 2014

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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Easter Day Costumes, Dressing up as Bunny

I know everyone must be looking for the Easter bunnies,  chocolate version of traditional painted egg, Easter meal and of course the special Egg Hunt, it’s that time of year everyone, Easter Sunday is approaching. But the day is not limited to this only; it is seen as a holy day to celebrate Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead. Jesus is the light of the world and when he rose to life on Easter Day he got rid of the darkness of evil. There are lots of customs to do on Easter Sunday- Go for the sunrise service, decorate the eggs and hide the eggs for your children. Don’t you forget about the traditional food – the Easter eggs and the Roast lamb!
Stressed up finding the right costumes? Then you are no more in chaos. Your search ends up here! Whether you would like to wear a bunny costume or you want to dress up a little traditional, my friends you all are at the right spot. I love to dress up at the festivals so I was looking for the costumes which are unique and wonderful. I really found these costumes- a necessity for my Easter Sunday and I am sure you will fell the same.
Welcome the spring in a fun way and shop the costumes which will prove best Easter Attire ever and show the level of your costumes to others. Be into the limelight turning everybody crazy with your lovely costumes. Eggs and rabbits are the symbols of new life, celebrate the new life like you never before.
“Easter says that you can put the truth in a grave but it won’t stay there”!! HappyEaster Sunday! Do not forget to achieve the looks and shop the collection for making your all festivals special and mark it as unforgettable!

Like the egg, the rabbit was a symbol of fertility associated with the pagan festival of Easter. Wear your Easter best costume, dress up as bunny and hide the eggs for the children and they will hunt for eggs.

Dressing up as bunny, Easter Egg hunt for the small children, Sunrise service, Painted and Chocolate eggs, cards and candy, boiled eggs and what else? All these things just remind us of the traditional yet very rollicking festival-the Easter day. It is seen as a holy day as it is the celebration of the Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead. Various folk customs and traditions, including eggs and bunnies have become standard part of this holiday.

Decorate Easter eggs as eggs bring the new life. Participate in an Easter Egg hunt. Once the eggs are decorated, children search for eggs hidden throughout their homes or gardens.

The tradition of wearing new clothes on Easter dates back centuries, as people chose to celebrate new birth with new clothing.

So get ready to buy some traditional as well as lovable costumes. Here at PartyBell you will get all the costumes you want for Easter day and be the shining star of the day. On this Carnival season buy our featured collection of Easter day themed Costumes.

Cheryl North: San Francisco Opera holds a huge costume-shop sale

So Easter time is on the horizon, and you say you have a pageant to attend? You can go garbed in the era-appropriate biblical attire, courtesy of the San Francisco Opera, which for only the fifth time in its history is throwing the doors to its costume shop wide open for a public sale.

The colorful array of robes and sandals that baritone Nathan Gunn and his fellow cast members wore in the world premiere of "The Gospel of Mary Magdalene" last year are up for grabs, along with hundreds of costumes and props from such diverse productions as "Don Giovanni," "Pelleas and Melisande," "Eugene Onegin," "Carmen" and "The Flying Dutchman." Get your suits of armor, masks, hats, belts, gloves and jewelry here, folks -- the vintages run the gamut from the aforementioned biblical times right up through the postmodern era. Prices will range from $1 to $750; all proceeds benefit the S.F. Opera.

Sale hours are 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and 10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday, with no admittance after 4:30 p.m. Saturday or 3:30 p.m. Sunday at 1800 Indiana St., which is between 20th and 22nd streets in San Francisco. Major crowds are expected, so the Opera is gearing up for this sale -- a once in a quarter-century opportunity, mind you -- with extra checkout lines and personnel. For details, go to

MORE SOUNDS OF VIENNA: Those of us whose musical appetites were whetted by the exuberant music-making of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra earlier this month in Berkeley need not go hungry for more of the same. There happen to be several Viennese-flavored concerts happening during coming weeks.

The third and fourth concerts of San Francisco Performances' four-part lecture/performance "Mozart in Vienna" series take place Saturday morning and April 5 at the relaxed, audience-friendly San Francisco Jazz Center. The lecturer will be the witty Robert Greenberg, a scholar who is both entertaining and erudite. The live and lively musical examples illustrating his talks will be provided by the engaging Alexander String Quart -- Zakarias Grafilo and Frederick Lifsitz, violins; Paul Yarbrough, viola; and Sandy Wilson, cello.

Mozart took up residence in Vienna when he was 25. While there, he joined a string quartet that included the great composer Franz Joseph Haydn. Haydn, Mozart's elder by 19 years, provided great inspiration for Mozart with regard to his development of the sonata allegro and other classical forms. Mozart then ingeniously adapted these forms into a series of six string quartets now known as Mozart's "Haydn" Quartets.

Saturday's lecture/concert will include the String Quartet No. 18 in A major, K. 464; and the No. 19 in C major, nicknamed the "Dissonance Quartet," K. 465. The April 5 presentation will feature Berkeley pianist Sarah Cahill with the quartet, performing Mozart's Piano Quartet No. 1 in G minor, K. 478; and Piano Quartet No. 2 in E-flat major, K. 493.

A DARKER VIENNA: Now fast-forward to another, less optimistic period in musical Vienna: the decade concurrent with World War I. The fine arts -- specifically, music, painting, theater and literary genres -- have tended to reflect the mood, or, to use the more inclusive German word, the "Weltanschauung" of the times.

On March 28, Old First Concerts will present one of the most controversial works to emerge from this particularly troubled time: Arnold Schoenberg's 1912 "Pierrot Lunaire." Soloist for this vivid work will the much-lauded contralto Karen Clark, whose voice has been described as "hauntingly beautiful," "majestic" and having "rich intensity" by critics in The New York and Los Angeles Times. Michael S. Orland conducts the accompanying ensemble: Terrie Baune, violin; Rob Bailis, clarinet; Lislie Chin, flute; Judyaba, cello; and Karen Rosenak, piano, If the music itself seems a bit startling, concentrate on the words, a series of provocative and thoughtful poems by Belgian writer Albert Giraud. Other works on the program will be Alban Berg's Op. 5 "Vier Stucke" for clarinet and piano; Alexander Zemlinsky's Op. 13 "6 Gesange," composed to poems by Maeterlinck, and pieces by Johannes Brahms.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Sexy And Funny Accessories for Easter Day

Easter time is getting closer and closer so maybe you have already purchased some awesome Easter Bunny or other outfit to give your Easter celebration a more joyful touch! Here, I will show you some cool and funny Easter accessories that you perhaps need for completing you ‘Eastery’ look, or you might just want to use them separately if you don’t feel like dressing out from top to toe.

These Furry Bunny Ears Headband feature a pink satin-feel inset have white marabou fur trim. Headband measures approximately 12" high and will fit most heads. They are very well made, not flimsy and larger than most in the market.

Material: fabric, marabou, plastic
Care Instruction: Spot Clean Only.

This is a great costume accessory for both kids and adults! It is great value for money, you can’t go wrong if you are needing this accessory. It can get a little hot and sweaty, especially if you are indoors, but it does have holes in the nose portion that make it easy to breathe. When you don’t want to wear it you can just pull it down and have it hanging around your neck. It feels good on since it its made of a soft rubber and not hard plastic.

Material: Vinyl

Soft Touch Bunny Ears Headband has plush pink and white ears with a flexible headband that will fit most heads, from children to adults! Measures approximately 9.5" wide x 12" high.
If you need a cheap pair of bunny ears to complete your costume, this is it! And the quality is good too! Note that the ears themselves aren't bendable.
Material: plush, plastic
Care Instruction: Spot Clean Only.

A carrot is of course a MUST for every rabbit! A little snack after hopping around is always nice! It is the perfect addition to my Easter Bunny Costume. This Giant 21" Foam Filled Carrot is made of a soft latex and comes with one leaf. Style/color of leaf may differ from shown. Leaf comes separate and needs to be inserted in top of carrot. This product contains Latex, which may cause allergic reactions if you are sensitive to latex.

Material: Foam Filled made of Latex
Care Instruction: Wipe with Clean Damp Cloth.

Bunnies certainly need strong teeth to chomp on their carrots, so no bunny costume is complete without big front teeth! These Bunny Teeth are available in One Size and fits most. These will work for kids costumes, too - although, they are not recommended for children under 5 years of age. Combine these teeth with your Bunny Costume and you will be ready to rock the party!

Material: 100% Plastic
Care Instruction: Wipe clean w/ damp cloth.

It includes a brown wavy Jesus wig and separate beard with attached mustache. Costume shown, including crown of thorns, is sold separately. The wig and beard are two separate pieces, not attached. The material is excellent and better yet, it is itch free! It fits good on adults but it even looked good on my 10 years old nephew. It is the perfect way to top off your Jesus costume!

White Cotton Adult Gloves

Either you are a fluffy furry Bunny or a more delicate Miss Bunny, a pair of white gloves are great to complete your Easter outfit. These gloves are a great buy especially for the price! They are available in One size which fits most adults, they will not fit kids though.

Material: cotton
Care Instruction: Hand Wash. Cold Water. Dry Flat.

Here you have a complete set of ears, bowtie and tail, easy to wear with your Easter costume or you can just attach them to normal clothes and give them a bunny-look! The satin pink inside the ears is much pinker than it appears in the pictures & looks much better in person!

Material: Polyester
Care Instruction: Spot Clean

This is a better option if you are just interested in a set that includes ears and tail.

Material: Polyester
Care Instruction: Spot Clean

A puff of fur and a bit of class! These shoes feature a white 4” patent heel, a rounded toe and a separate heel and ankle strap. It is the perfect way to finish off Miss Bunny Adult Costume or any other Bunny look you are preparing for!

Material: Patent Polyurethane.
Care Instruction: Spot clean.

The same shoes are available in black as well, ready to combine your Wonderland Rabbit Adult Costume or any other dark Bunny outfit you have chosen!

Material : Patent Polyurethane
Care Instructions : Spot clean.